Hello out there in "Health and Wellness" land. I have been away for a while, but now I'm back to pick up where I left off.
The last time I was blogging, I had pretty much just started my website and a lot of my blogs where about headaches and remedies for them because I was suffering from "Cluster Headaches". I couldn't find a lot of info on clusters, so I went with it's cousin, the "Migraine".

This time around, with a new web site name and new focus, I'm going to aim towards more "Health and Wellness" because I believe if we lead more healthy and well lifestyles, these afflictions will be less prominent. I say this because, in the past few months, I have stopped smoking, started exercising and making a great effort to eat more healthy.

I hope that you will follow and join me me in a quest to live a more healthy and well lifestyle so that we can live more productive, long, healthy lives....