Triggers for migraine headaches are varied and are different from person to person. A trigger for one migraine sufferer maybe not be a trigger for someone else. Also, for obvious reasons, chemically, there are some factors (menstrual period)  that will females and not males, which leads me to believe (not researched) why females suffer from migraines more than males.

Most triggers can be avoided if you know what things to avoid. Below I have tried to list most of the triggers to look out for if you suffer from migraine headaches:

Migraine trigger chart

The following Migraine Trigger Chart provides a helpful list of some common migraine triggers.

Common Potential Migraine Triggers
Lifestyle Food Physical Environmental
Emotional stress Chocolate Menstrual cycle or other hormonal changes Weather or seasonal changes
Depression Nuts, peanut butter   Travel through different time zones
Too little sleep, or changes in sleep Cheese, yogurt, sour cream   Odors or pollution
Exercise or overactivity Red wine or other alcoholic drinks   Bright light
Skipping meals/fasting Processed meats    
  Monosodium glutamate (MSG)    
  Coffee in excess

I don't suffer from migraine headaches myself, but I do suffer from "cluster headaches" which are closely related to migraines, so hopefully,  I am helping myself as well as someone else. I have provided a few links that I have researched and some of the products I have even used to help this condition.

I Hope this Helps!

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