The road to  Wellness is closer than you may think. Complete wellness is a standard by which we all should live by for complete happiness and prosperity.  Wellness is not just health living, exercising and eating correctly, it's also emotional, spiritual  and mental. Wellness is a way of life!

A wellness  is a plan of action geared toward the achievement of personal wellness. Personal wellness implies a state of multidimensional health and satisfaction. There are many aspects, or dimensions, to personal wellness, and they must each be developed and maintained for optimal overall well being. Wellness plans take all of those aspects into consideration, and are tailored to the individual. Follow these steps to create a wellness plan.


Do you know how to "Asses your Wellness? The many, many dimensions of personal wellness differ and overlap but they all work together in harmony to create overall wellness and oneness.

There are many aspects of ones wellness which include but not limited to;
  • Emotional Wellness. How well you are able to deal with you feelings.
  • Physical Wellness. This includes but not limited nutrition, physical fitness, unhealthy habits, too much drinking and doing drugs
  • Spiritual  Wellness. Wellness plans include spiritual wellness not as a reference to religion, but rather as an indication of what you perceive to be the meaning of life and how you fit into it. Beliefs and value systems are a part of spiritual wellness.
  • Social Wellness. This aspect of personal wellness has to do with how you see your place in the world and in society, and how well you adjust to your personal role in society.
There are many other aspects of wellness that can be related to everyday life, so be honest with yourself about how you feel as it relates to your everyday wellness.
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As well all know, health  can cover the full spectrum of the body.  Health can be defined as the condition of being in sound body, mind and spirit, especially free of disease or pain. We are always trying to get into better health by means of excercise, better eating habits, vitamins, dieting, etc. Being healthy and promoting a well-being for a longer life is a course that should be taken by us all. We all want to live longer and be more healthy to, be able to play with our kids longer and live long productive lives with our families.

Nutrition is as important as fitness and exercise, and done in harmony, promotes complete wellness and well-being. There are plenty of healthy tips, ebooks, videos and programs to assist us in being in the best health possible.

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